Saxapahaw! It’s fun to say

Day 6

Shelagh and I are having a slow morning in Saxapahaw NC. We had a lovely breakfast with Jeramey, Hannah, baby Sam, and Bobbi the grandmother. We were fortunate enough to have met Jeramey, Hannah, and baby Sam on the ferry from Ocracoke to Swan Quarter on the first day of tour. They invited us to camp in their backyard, shower, and do some laundry… and we took them up on their offer. We made yesterday a short day of 36 miles. It was a beautiful ride with small rolling hills; it was the perfect day to relax and get a little rest. We arrived in Saxapahaw early afternoon and had a couple of beers at the General Store in town. We eventually ended up taking naps in the backyard while we waited for the family to come home.

After we got cleaned up, we unloaded the bikes and rode a mile back into town to enjoy the Saturday farmers market. Jeramey and Hannah packed a delicious picnic and we sat listening to music, people watching, and playing with the baby for a few hours. Afterward, Shelagh and I went to the little pub across the street and sat on their third-story porch to watch the sunset. Yesterday was pretty fabulous and a perfect rest day. Today we’re going to have another short day (45 or so miles) so that we can stretch the muscles and get back into the mode of cycling. Shelagh’s Achilles tendon is a little sore, so we’re trying to take things easy.

So far we have traveled 275 miles in 5 days, averaging about 60 miles per day (minus yesterday’s short ride).

I have so much more that I would like to write about, but we should really start riding! Hopefully we will come across a public library in the next couple of days so I can fill in the blanks from earlier this week.

I have lots of photos that I can’t wait to share, but it will be a few days before I can upload them.

Until next time,


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