ESC #11 – Mountain Creek

Mountain Creek will eat your bike for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! But I guarantee that you will still have a blast. This weekend of Eastern States Cup racing consisted of dusty and loose trails with rocks that bite! During practice on Friday I tore part of a knob on one of my tires and hemorrhaged sealant all over the place. During Saturday’s practice I ripped my front brake off the bars. Then, during the final stage of yesterday’s race my derailleur exploded and I had to run (ha! I ran!) half the stage. Well, it was more like running with a little bit of strider-biking with a lot of pumping and hollering. And trying to move out of the way so my friends wouldn’t run me over and so I wouldn’t slow them down. Even though mechanicals are frustrating, it’s hard NOT to see the comedy in the situation! ⁣

At the end of the day, I had no crashes and still managed to eke out a 4th place finish. No crashing is always a win in my book!⁣