ESC #2 – Glen Park, PA

Dang, y’all! I really surprised myself this weekend at the Glen Park enduro. Before the start of the season my primary goal was to just get better as a rider with no expectation of stepping onto the podium. Welp, here we are only two races into the series and I snagged a spot on the women’s pro podium with 5th place! I am so pleasantly surprised. I felt good for most of the race aside from crashing in stage 2… and stage 5…. and stage 6. Ha. I got pretty good at getting up quickly by the end of the day. ⁣

I love the atmosphere at the ESC races. The competition is tough and packed with very skilled riders, yet everyone is so encouraging. Makes for an excellent weekend. ⁣

I’m looking forward to keeping things rubber side down at Thunder Mountain Bike park in a few weeks!